Feature request: Media bay (no need, already has it)

I was just thinking that it would be nice to be able to transpose loops while auditioning them via the media bay.

Can you make this happen?

I think, Sequel can do this. Why not Cubase? There is time-stretch engine (which is used for tempo sync), why not Pitch Shift?

Is there?.. Do they have a media bay in sequel?

The’ve already got transpose on the main page so I don’t know how difficult it would be to impliment it on the media bay. It would be well handy though.

Also, while I’m at it… I’d also like to know if I can start tagging all my samples again without the risk of them changing the format. I spent ages tagging last time, then they changed something and all my tags went down the toilet!

Anyway, about this pitch thing…

Im a bit confused as to what you actual want to happen here in mediabay, as at this moment in time Cubase DOES pitchshift audio loops in key with your Project. in time, and in sync, and in Pitch!

What is is that you dont understand?..

Maybe Ill run through it for clarity…if somethings not working for you?. (Im speaking about Cubase here, not Sequel)

Correctly meta-tagging your loops, (entering key information on the correct tab…make sure it is visible in the correct field when you have media bay open.)…

then ensure you have your Key info entered within your project page.

the when you are previewing your loops, Cubase pitches your audio to the root note of your project! …simples. Is something broken?..or do you not have the info to make it happen?.

I must add though, I was sure that Cubase in C5 also pitched Midi files, but I am now unable to do so within 6.5, can someone confirm whether Cubase SHOULD repitch Midi files, correctly Key tagged of course.???

Also with regrad to your tags disappearing (your catagories, your entered descriptions etc, that was not in the original Cubase version when you tagged them, will appear in the Cubase MediaBay tag fields when you rescan your audio files. The Meta tags are written in the wav header, they are not lost, or removed until you physically edit them, but they will NOT appear until you rebuild the Mediabay DB file, using your current Cubase Version. (The File system WAS changed tho from C5-C6)… I dont know what differencies there is within Sequel. But Im presuming its the same.

I wasn’t aware that cubase can pitch the samples according to the project key, thanks for that I’ll look into it.

What I was referring to was being able to change the pitch whilst auditioning. However, if cubase does what you say it does then I guess I can change the pitch via the tags?

I just a had quick go and it’s not working as you said. Once I drag the samples into the project page it will transpose them but not while I’m previewing them. I just had a scan through the manual but can’t seem to find anything On it, it was a quick scan however, so I’ll have another look later, unless you can tell me what’s wrong now?

It would appear I do not have the infomation to make this happen. I’ve searched the manaul and looked for keywords such as Transpose and key, but can’t find anything…

I’ve added the key in the meta tags, but the audio does not transpose acorrding to the project key whilst previewing… I thought there may be something similar to follow tempo, like follow key but I can’t find anything.

Are you able to do this (while previewing)?.. I’d like to know just incase I’m on a bit of a wild goose chase. If you are then I guess its a setting that I’m am missing somewhere.

Cubase does what you need it to do, I guess there is something your missing?. & up to this point I cant tell you what it is though. :sunglasses: and to add Yes, while previewing…

Okay, thanks for getting back to me. I guess I’ll just have to do some digging about. As far as I can tell there’s nothing about it in the media bay section of the manual or the transpose section, odd.

Has yours worked like that straight from install?
On your meta-tags, what is the tag your adding, is it he one that says key?

Sorry to drive you mad, I was quite happy to wait for this to be implemented in an update, but now I know it’s already available I want it now… :slight_smile:

its THE most overlooked, under praised feature in Cubase,although the thing is, Not many of us use it (Cubase0 to produce House/Club tunes en masse…Im toying with the idea of doing some tutorial videos to “unleash” the power of cubase, compared to it s weaker ilk, ala Ableton…(Cubase pisses all over ableton in everything regarding EDM…but one feature (Warping)…but yes , preview keying has been available since Cubase 5! lol!> Its why I still so much love Cubase…as an avid sample maker/loop generator myself ( retail Sample Cds) I find this feature a godsend. Pity not many people know about it, most here HATE the mediabay…but as yoru finding out, you have to know what your doing in detail to get the most out of it.

Yes enter the Key info in the Key column, and make sure align to project is active, And you have a Key signature in your project selected. nothing else to it…You are using the Control Room yeah?.

I love the mediabay, couldn’t live without it, I use it all the time now. I’ve got all my locations set up as FX, loops, pecussion ect…then on top of that you’ve got the tags. Makes looking for things super quick. The Import audio function is redundant these days.
Yeah, Ive got it set up via control room. I’ve got a workspace set up so that the mediabay comes up with various analyzer plugins. That way I can see the the frequency range, pitch, stereo information and what not before importing.
I’m well excited knowing that is able to do what it can do now though. I thought it would be handy to change the pitch manualy on the fly but having it change acording to the project key is genius. Now, if I could just get the thing to work. :confused:

I bet its something really simple, like an unticked box somewhere. I’ve looked into global transposition but it doesn’t mention mediabay unless I’ve missed it.

Oh, and I rate the warping… I use freewarp all the time. I was never keen on musical mode in the past but the new time stretch algorithms have made a big difference. On par with Ableton, I rekon… :smiley:

Thanks for this secret! I work with the media bay a lot!
But I never linked it to the root note of my project! This makes it
even more awesome!


Right, I think I’ve got to the bottom of it. It seems that it only works with with broadcast wav files.
Not sure where to go from here to be honest. The majority of my sound library is wav. Is it possible to convert my library to BWF, do I need to?

Nope. It’s quite easy and works with the usual wav-format as it is also possible to write tags & flags & sh… into the wave-file. But there are two things you have to do with your own wavs:

Remove the write-protect of the file. Then right-click the file in the media bay and click on “Write tags into file”.
Then it works.

I hope Discoworx is not mad at me now. This information is gold worth!

Thank you once again!

Best regards.

Edit: I guess removing the write-protection is enough.

Yep… Works!.. Thanks for that. Fantastic find, I don’t know why they’ve never made a big deal about this.

Weird thing is I didn’t have to do the copy protection thing, it just works now. My cubase has gone mental, now that works and last night it reset all it’s settings, lost all recent projects from the menu, wouldn’t open some of them and deleted my devices, like alpha track and automap. Today I can open the files but the settings haven’t come back. Very odd! :confused:

Well, at least everything’s in key. :slight_smile:

I should have mentioned about the possibility of you having any write protection on, as for my I’ve had it always off on any files I use :laughing:

As for your reset, something odd there?..did you move a folder?..or a directory?..if you EVER move your files AFTER the Mediabay scans them, You might run into problems, If you ever move anything, do a COMPLETE rescan of the Top level directory the moved folders currently reside in, as Ive seen MB start to go wonky & stutter, when you move folders or directories that it thinks its already scanned.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my last post. It wasn’t media bay that went mental it was Cubase.

I turned it on and there was no evidence of any recent projects and all my prefrences were reset. Its slowed me right down because I’d customized Cubase to an inch of its life and now its all gone… However, mediabays pitch thing started working, every cloud and all that. :neutral_face: