Feature Request: Media Bay, Share, Zip file, Open in WD My C

iPad3, Cubasis 1.9, iOS 8.1.3
Western Digital “My Cloud” app
Feature suggestion to allow one up load project zip files to a WD wireless server.
I recently purchased a WD MyPassport wireless server. It would be a great feature to be able access a project zip file in the media bay and then be able to top on Share and then Open In allowing one to share it with WD’s My Cloud app allowing one to upload the zip file to the wireless server for storage. This would enhance portability allowing one to store one’s projects on a hard drive without having to bring a laptop or PC along.

I did manage to upload an m4a mixed down file to my wireless server this afternoon. Tapped on the m4a file, tapped on Share, tapped on open in…wait 40 seconds…choice menu comes up…chose “my cloud” and was basically sucessful in placing the file on the server…so it would seem the only issue for Cubasis is to provided a way of sharing the zipped project file in this manner.