Feature Request: MediaBay: Attribute Reader Panel (Collapsible Panel to read/edit 'Comments' or 'Notes' etc

Hi, my names LoveGames, and, I’m a MediaBay OCD maniac

I was just thinking, it would be fantastic to have a “Reader Panel” to make it easier to read some of the longer attributes of selected file(s) without A.) having to horizontal scroll find them, and B.) having to stretch expand them.

I’m thinking it would best be placed in the ‘File Browser’ Panel in the bottom (left).

This would allow someone to easily read the entire comments section of a file or whatever attribute they choose, in more of a notepad sized panel.

MediaBay Idea

Even better if:
-Multiple attributes can be added and are clearly divided and attribute titles
MediaBay Idea

-Multiple file selections can appear and are divided according to their top to bottom selection order in mediabay
the above would obviously require that a scroll bar be implemented into this panel

-if the above could be accomplished, it would be great if the user could reduce their multi file selection down to a single selection by clicking a button or the sought filename in this panel, ie - they are reading the comments of multiple files and find the one they want - they should be able to single-select that file easily from this panel.


I realize there is already the right-zoned ‘Attribute Inspector’ but
a.) It doesn’t accomplish the above, isn’t formatted for expanded viewing
b.) is more of an overview list/editor

that being said, this new panel idea could go into that zone bottom right, rather than below/in the ‘File Browser’ panel


Side note/feature request, please make it easier to remove(hide) attribute columns from the main ‘Results’ MediaBay panel by right clicking on the attribute