Feature Request: Melodyne ARA

+1 I’d like to see this too…


this would make things soooo much easier for me…


Variaudio and Melodyne ARA can live side by side. I guess like the ‘Standard’ and ‘elastique’ algorithms, this too can be an option. :wink:


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  • X! Will’s auch haben!


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Another piece of relevant information on the subject.



Not just because of the Melodyne. I believe, ARA could bring much more.


+1 :smiley:

I think BOTH Vari & Melo would have their own uses.

I wouldnt say Vari would be the “aged relative sent off to a home”, thats preposterous! Vari would be the younger sibling with slight autism. Lets keep it real.

Id use Vari for light touch ups and Melo for the tractor pulling. Vari would be my go to plug, the majority of the time. But I’d LOVE Melo for when theres serious work to be done.

Having them both implemented right into Cubase would just drain my sack. :open_mouth:

Just my 2 sense.

i think a poll is needed. is melodyne dna with ara better than grannies? to be fair, i should point out that both of mine are dead so it’s a no-brainer for me!


I don’t understand why this is even a question as a feature. What Melodyne has done regarding DNA and ARA will become expected in all DAWs as much as MIDI editing is expected right now.

I have spent many thousands of hours over the past 10 years researching music technologies and DNA and ARA are on the same plane as MIDI, hard disk audio recording, VST, and ASIO. Steinberg needs to do one of two things:

  1. Accept that Melodyne’s technologies are better than VariAudio and incorporate them
  2. Make VariAudio as good or better than Melodyne

I don’t care which. My first concern is what sounds the best and can do the most. Then I’m concerned about ease of use.

ARA is not only about Melodyne.

I can imagine lots of different plug-ins, which can’t works without ARA.

Absolutely. I agree.

Interesting indeed, never tried melodyne but as far i searched it gets lots of praises towards timestretching aswell. This thing i use much, so can somebody compare the algos in 6.0.6 and melodyne.tnx

And you can’t download the melodyne 30 day trial and do this for yourself because…?

Cause im in the process of changing computers so ill have to finish everything within half month on my older machine, cause buyer for the oleder machine is waiting…my next setup is 64 bit and lots of plugs im not goin to use anymore so ill have no time right now, anyway wouldnt it be easier to tell about it? life isnt black and white you know