Feature request: MIDI CC and MIDI Learn support for BPM / Tempo

== 1. Summary ==

Add support for MIDI CC and MIDI Learn for BPM / Tempo

== 2. Description ==

Cubasis 3 doesn’t currently allow musicians to use MIDI CC to modify the BPM / tempo value in real-time. This is a feature I absolutely need and thank you for considering implementing it.

Workaround: there is at least the following workaround ; a musician can use Audiobus 3, which supports MIDI CC and MIDI Learn for tempo, and send the tempo from Audiobus 3 to Cubasis 3 via Ableton Link. It works but there is a limitation on the Cubasis side where tempo is locked at a max of 240 (see related forum post). Given this is a workaround, it would be much nicer if musicians could modify tempo in real-time via MIDI CC / MIDI Learn directly within Cubasis 3.

== 5. Environment ==

Latest Cubasis 3 app on latest iPadOS with iPad Pro 2018 12,9". This issue is not related to the environment.

Keywords: BPM, tempo, feature request, MIDI, MIDI CC, MIDI Learn

Thanks a lot for you consideration and don’t hesitate if you have questions or comments – Alex

Another workaround for this is to use Ableton link in AUM with a Mozaic script in Cubasis.
By automating a knob in Mozaic you can draw the tempo like any other automation or use increment / decrement buttons if preferred.

Black Friday is coming soon if you don’t have AUM (why not? :-)) or Mozaic.

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