Feature request - Midi Controller Mapping Assistant Extra features

After using Cubase Pro 12 for some time, and realising its greatness but also its flaws,
I thought I would suggest ways of improving this area of the program.

FIrstly, I have to say that I think that Steinberg have done a pretty good job of adding the mapping assistant to their program/s, and that I also think the amount of features from cubase a user can map to their midi controllers is really great.

I think that the main flaw (which perhaps may be easier for Steinberg to remedy)
is as follows;

Cubase continues to allow users only 8 QC per track
don’t get me wrong, as of course, there are loads of features that steinberg have allowed access to that does really increase the bespoke midi controller designers flexibility and usefulness.

The problem comes to the limited amount of QC per track
as I would imagine that most people using cubase in a pro capacity
will have their favourite signal processors and effects
some of which they will likely want to use on each track
(like a engineer using a trad console, i.e. comp / gate / sends / eq / etc).

I think that if Steinberg were to expand the number of QCs a person can use per track
to say 30 or 40

then that would allow midi control surface designers to build all sorts of control surfaces
that give them the control that the pro’s have in an old school analogue high end studio

now wouldn’t that be awesome

As to whether that would be too much strain for cubase to handle
I can not say

but as computers start to get super fast, so fast that they no longer even need add on DSP hardware

then perhaps the PC’s aren’t too slow
its just not something that steinberg has considered?

The other feature, wouuld be to add in the mapping assistant the feature to allow
the users to add visual feedback for various parameters
I.e the kind of thing you get on some decent control surfaces or hybrid mixers

i.e. meter bridges, scribble strips, led arrays to give visual feedback for the setting of pan / send / eq / vol etc.

just out of interest