Feature Request - midi navigation

First, I’m assuming this does not already exist. After searching the manual, trying different keystroke combinations, and confirmation from other helpful people on the forums, it seems this “basic” operation (IMO) is not yet available. (If this function does indeed exist, please let me know!)

My request is related specifically to the midi editors (key and drum). Basically, I’d like to navigate to the next instance on the timeline when a particular note (or drum kitpiece hit) is played. This does NOT refer to moving to the next (any) midi note along the timeline, in the sequence. This does not refer to selecting all the same notes (once all are selected, how do I edit just a particular note?). Rather, I want to move to the next time the EXACT SAME NOTE (horizontal position) is written in the editor.

Here’s an example: in the midi drum editor, let’s say I have a special cymbal hit that occurs in the early part of a song, and the next time it plays it’s somewhere near the end of the song. On my screen I can only see a few measures of the beginning of the song if the zoom size is somewhat large and comfortable for detailed editing. I now want to quickly navigate to the next time in the song this particular cymbal note is hit. As things currently stand, the only way I can find it is to change the zoom and condense the entire song, identify the note, click on it, zoom in, etc.


Yup. +1
Great idea!


Edit: On further thinking, when I’m in the studio later I’ll see what the PLE can do with this…

Thanks for your support!


Here is how you could do it.

You hold “Control” and click on the pitch of the notes you are interested in.
Now all notes of that pitch will be selected .
Now hold control and click on the first note to deselect it.
Now press “L” to locate the courser at the beginning of the next note with that pitch.