Feature Request: Midi scrubbing

This durable request needs to be reiterated, so here it is.

  • Configurable midi scrubbing using the shuttle wheel and scrub tool.
  • Introduce scrub tool into the midi key editor.

There are many occasions when I wish to simply proof a phrase, and would like to speed though it. Shuttle wheel is great for that, but alas, not with midi. Hey, the left and right arrow keys are great, and using them in score edit is what kept me being a Cubase user lo these many years. but there are there are many use cases where it makes sense to hear both midi and audio when scrubbing or shuttling.

Thanks for reading.


Aloha Steve,


So just curteye and me who would like to have this? Is that crickets I hear?

I’m all up for that, I’ve got projects with nothing but midi tracks which makes the shuttlewheel rather useless.

I think that’s a good feature idea, but something tells me it would be difficult to engineer


I’m surprised not more people are wanting this ability… is that so, or are folks who would like to have this not so quick to add their +1?

Ok I’m late to the party but for what its worth heres my +1.

Protools and reaper both support scrubbing of midi in one way or another.

I actually thought it would be possible to enable acoustic feedback in the midi editor, then enable auto select events under cursor and drag the cursor across the timeline and hear the notes play back as each one is highlighted. The speed at which you move the cursor determines the speed of midi “playback”.
Theoretically this should work cause if you go select notes by clicking on them you hear the playback, but alas selecting them with the cursor doesn’t trigger playback.

I know less than nothing about coding, but this seems like its been programmed NOT to play when selected by the cursor instead of the mouse. Just a guess but maybe ???

By the way, they implemented this, more or less…

They are making kind of it hard to hate them. :imp: :laughing:

Yeah, you can’t transpose the midi tracks for this due to instrument ranges, and more.

I would be thrilled if we could choose between midi and audio playback for the shuttle control, or a perhaps a dedicated midi shuttle control.