*Feature Request* MIDI Snap point (2 requests really)

Would anyone like to see MIDI snap points like we have in Audio? I have found myself constantly wanting this feature and wonder if anyone else is interested. We can move with relative snap, but that’s one more step do do (lazy).

Also, Could we make a separate loop and Punch point? Or maybe include the pre-roll in your loop recording. E.G. Sometimes I want to hear the 2 or 4 bars leading up to the punch point for feel and timing. With loop recording, it punches at the beginning of the loop so you can’t hear the bits leading up to the punch.

Hi Cin,

I would like snap in most instances to be on the barline for editing operations, setting markers, adjusting part lengths and locators and to thus be independent of notation in the case of MIDI.

I agree that this is great for some cases. However, say you have a MIDI part that starts 1/16th or so BEHIND the bar marker. You either have to extend the clip back a whole other bar, set the snap to “beats” and hope you line up correctly, or Turn off snap altogether and “eyeball” it. None of which is my choice for coping parts to another place.

Maybe it could be handled with a modifier of some sort.

What would the purpose be? I understand how this works with audio events - and sure is handy at times - but with MIDI events? What is Cubase not capable of doing here, that this feature would help?

Cheers. :slight_smile:

+1, yes I would like to see a midi snap on both parts and notes.

An example of it’s use for me would be to correctly place notes for reverse cymbals and timpani rolls (timpani particularly because I use them a lot in film music). When using these now I usually render to audio and place the audio snap at the end (or where the final timp hit is for example). But having this on midi as well would be superb.

+1 for separate loop and punch markers. I know pre-roll can be used for instance, but it’s not quite as good as being able to loop a section with pre-roll and then punch in 1/2 way through the loop (like punching in in the middle of a guitar solo for example).

Also another feature to do with punches that I’d like to request of Steinberg is a mode which sets the punch markers when I manually record, i.e. sets punch in when I press record and punch out when I stop. This is a feature I used very regularly on ADATs with the BRC, and it’s a real time-saver for lining up a punch in say in the middle of a verse for a singer to sing the 2nd line. (currently I press P after the recording but that resets my loop too of course!).


Not sure if I understand. While the “tape” is running you can press record and it starts recording. When you press it again it stops. You can use shortcut keys to set the left and right locators on the fly as well. I’m obviously missing something here. :slight_smile:

No, you’re not missing something, indeed I press P after recording to set the markers (say for another take) at the mo but I was just requesting that Cb set them for me automatically. Besides P doesn’t always work because one might have twiddled the arm button during the recording period…

Anyway it’s no biggie, I’d far rather they sorted out the lanes.



I need the same feature for the purpose of being able to write system exclusive data in a part BEFORE the first note ever triggers, but yet midi part still snapping to the first note as it should …

Now that I found my self stuck with this and searching all over the internet I actually feel for the first time after 20 or so years that my cubase couldn’t do what I want :frowning:

Hear me steinberg…

It is not a vague luxury, but it is a MUST and already a huge lack if it’s not there

If this is a little midi request thread, maybe we can already do this? … but something like being able to select a group of midi notes, hit command-G and then I can move those notes as a group, they stay grouped, until I hit shift-command-G.

This is how its done in graphics software. I would like to retain grouped midi notes within midi parts, and have those groups retain their group status until I disable it. Additional cheers for visually depicting these groups inside the editors.