Feature Request: Minimized CC Lanes (important to view articulations)

Hi, it would be great if CC Lanes could be visible but in a minimized state. This is important for complex CC Lane setups in which there is also an Articulation lane that needs to be expanded - if there are too many CC Lanes, the Articulation lane cannot be expanded enough to reveal the articulation names.

This makes CC Lane Presets even more viable.

Renaming CC Controllers/Lanes via CC Lane Map Setup window is also an often requested feature.


if this wasn’t clear, I’m talking about being able to fully collapse CC Lanes into just a strip/bar in which the data cannot be viewed. Or maybe data points could be viewed/selected on a single line (and be edited in the info line)


Just setup one Lane Preset to show your CC Lanes maximized and on Lane Preset to show your Articulation Lane maximized with a KC. :wink:

Huh? I don’t think this is a solution or a workaround. I’m talking about full minimization - collapsed fully - the data/automation would not be visible, it would just be a bar.

Currently, if you have 16-24 automation lanes - you can only minimize them so much before you hit their minimized limit, thus, Articulations can’t be expanded.

I have over 70 CC Lane presets, so, I’m outside the range of the allotted key commands also.

Huh? So why show those CC lanes at all?. If you can’t see the data on them they’re a waste of space.

Because the data doesn’t always need to be seen but there is utility in them being quickly available to be seen if they are needed to be seen… Just like lanes on audio tracks.

Yeah but the feature request is so you can see the Articulation lane. Unless you’ve got like 20 eyeballs it seems odd to want to be viewing your artics and a whole lot of minimized CC lanes. It’s like having 70 minimized windows on your screen in the case you want to open one up.

No dude,

this doesn’t have to do with only Articulations. Articulations was one use case example.

In music, a lot of the time, you are trying to align certain elements in time., whether in unison, or offset subdivisions. One might have multiple CC Lanes with offset data points and shapes, that are offset, which need to be seen as a reference for aligning other CC Lanes and or Articulations. You can be essentially doing song arrangement with CC automation.

It’s like you’re saying, well, you don’t need to see the drum tracks to edit/write/arrange the bass and guitar - when having those tracks displayed can make for quick easy visual cues.

here, look, this is what im talking about.

If I could momentarily minimize all these CC Lanes (which I want to keep accessible so I dont have to take the time to go through the CC menu to re-add them)
then I could expand the Articulations fully. it that simple

little ‘-’ / ‘+’ icons, and a way to do them all at once



and yes, I’ve already created multiple presets to deal with this as a work around, where the presets have subtracted some of the lanes so that the others are more expandable.

the FR is to go beyond that workaround as a more efficient and accessible workflow.

I didn’t realize Cubase allowed us to have 70+ Lane presets. I thought it was 10 tops. It does make sense to able to minimize them fully. But I would get a app like Lemur and have all your Lane Presets colour coded in a grid for ultra fast access.

You can have as many as your screen can fit (which is another problem)

But part of the reason I have 70, is that I’m having to do multiple variations for each target/subject because they can’t all be fit. If I could minimize them, this would cut the amount of presets I have in half (at least).