[feature request]MixConsole Channel Selector Folder tracks

  1. create new empty project
  2. project wndow: create 16 audio tracks, select the first 8 of them, move selected tracks to new folder
  3. open MixConsole, view Channel Selector, Tab Visibility

You’ll see the collapsible/explodable folder, containing 8 audio tracks, and 8 unfoldered audio tracks.

current behaviour:

when you click on the folder track NAME or “folder track collapse state indicator (triangle)” in the Channel Selector View, the collapsed state of that folder toggles AND the track selection is changed: all tracks deselected, only the folder track gets selected.

requested behaviour:

a) the collapsed state of the folder only toggles when clicking the “folder track collapse state indicator (triangle)” in the Channel Selector View, WITHOUT altering the current track selection

b) left-clicking the folder track NAME, no matter what the current collapse state is clears the current track selection and only selects the folder and ALL tracks in the folder

c) -left-clicking the folder track NAME, adds the folder track and the tracks in the folder to the current track selection, when at least one of these tracks are NOT contained in the current track selection. When all tracks are already contained in the track selection, these tracks are all removed from the track selection

d) holding while doing b) or c) only affects the folder track itself


way faster multiple track selection of tracks belonging to the same context = folder