Feature Request: MixConsole>'Save Selected Channels' should default to projects folder, with its own subfolder. Retained with 'Project Backup'

I’d appreciate being able to use this protocol in such a way, that I’m saving to the project folder into their own special sub-folder that is, thereafter, archived with the project always.

For example, if a user has utilized this protocol, and this subfolder has been created. And then a user does a ‘Back Up Project’, this folder and its contents will be copied to the new back up.

When I do use this protocol as it is, it’s always very project specific. I do it usually when I want to back up and save a series of channels that I have configured a certain way, but want to maybe experiment with, need to change, etc, etc… and whereby, doing an overall MixConsole SnapShot is unneeded and “too much”


And likewise, ‘Load Selected Channels’ should by default go to the same directory.

This would make workflow utilizing this protocol - so - so much quicker.

As it stands, I just end up doing these saves to my desktop and then cleaning them up later.