FEATURE REQUEST - Mixer Chanels completely colored

FEATURE REQUEST - Mixer Chanels completely colored

  • Yes this is a great feature i want to have it
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What you think about a feature in Cubase that you can color a mixer chanel completley?

Let say Chanel one completely in Red, Chanel Two in Blue, Three in Yello and so on. See my enhancement.

You can do this in Protools or Reaper but why not in Cubase?

How do you easily distinguish which channel is the highlighted/selected one…? Could you expand/elaborate on your graphic a little please…? I’m not familiar with PTools etc…

Would the colouring idea you propose extend into the whole of the expanded mixer view (or not…?!) :wink:
Would the colouring extend into the track parts/events too by default (or would that be done separately…?)


If this kind of thing is ever implemented, I sincerely hope they put an intensity slider in the prefs so I can set it to “just a hint of” colour.

Obviously, the example is ugly. But, the idea is exactly what we asked for when they “fixed” the mixer colors in 6. We have a bastardised version of it with the track handle colors. But, even there we can’t control the color.

Hi Bob

good qeustion about the highlighted/selected one. One idea is that the colour of none selected Chanel could be darker and the selected are brither colour or transparent.

Im am also not familiar with Pro Tools but i see Pictiuers in web like this: http://media.soundonsound.com/sos/may10/images/IT_May_03.jpg

Or here is a reaper version: http://media.soundonsound.com/sos/aug09/images/Reaper3_01.jpg

The Track and part colour should be equal and also a good idea that you can see this in the extended mixer.

Because myself is a more visual /eye minded person so that is is easyer for me to find the right channel with full colours not only in the instrument name.

The best way is that you can choose in the program options per default no whole colored channels so that the mixer is as it is now.



Yeahhh :wink: this is a good idea


i know my example is ugly. I do this in Windows with Paint in about 15 minutes but you can see was my idea is.
It also be absolutly ok if we can choose the colour of the fader caps and the mixer stay as it is .

What about Skins like in Repaer? There you can choose that it loks like protools or hundreds of other skins.

My point is that we have requested/begged/demanded/wheedled/spit/yelled for this feature for years. It isn’t a new idea. Many of us want colored track panels. At a minimum we want it back to the way it was for C5 where the panel color was the type of track. Even with the colored fader handles, the mixer view is difficult to “see”.

And it would be amazing if you’re working with large track amounts to be able to set the can hide feature for colored tracks then.
It woud then be “Can see - blue” for example (when blue is the drum group and you only wanna see that one.
It would make life so much easier. Can hide is nice but not too comfortable. :stuck_out_tongue:
What do you think?

I think drums should be orange :laughing:

Yes Awesome!!!

but please color the whole channel, from the bottom (channel name) to the top (Output).


The colored faders we have now are pretty corny and not easily distinguishable. Id rather the faders NOT be colored, so it doesnt look like a kids toy, or a something from Aldi’s food store.


I’ve been requesting this for years. Cubase mixer’s design sucks as it is, no doubt.

BV’s must be pink!