Feature Request: Mixer Flexibility

Random stuff that where I wish I could do similar in the Cubase mixer and hope to see some similarly convienient methods in the C6 mixer. Showing the small mixer here but it works the same in the extended mixer.

Moving / grouping / hiding / showing / temporary fader linking by track selection.

Navigating the mixer. Jumping from track to send destination and back. Seeing immediate lists of all source tracks for group channels and un-hiding them or selecting them from the bus. Seeing immediate lists of all source tracks for FX channels and jumping directly to the source from the FX track.

Creating sends already turned on and at unity. Drag / duplicate FX chains. Duplicating sends via drag/drop.

Extended Mixer: Seeing inserts and sends at the same time. Resizing the relevant panels. Immediate access to FX chains. These kinds of things aren’t exclusive to any one DAW, but Cubase seems to exclude a good bit of them.

Cues sends created matching faders and pans and locked to main faders and pans. Unlock for discreet mixes. Inserts, sends and cue sends all visible at the same time. Cue sends disappear from the mixer when disabled in routing, unchecking “Cuemix” from an output channel in the matrix.

Storing and recalling mixer channel screen sets. I think this is similar to how PT does it.

From the mixer: Instrument preset storage to the file system, renaming instrument instances, fx chain storage via drag/drop, immediate access to multi-outs.

Mixer Trash: Non sequential undo/restore of deleted FX, track, instruments. Good for keeping ideas of plug settings or channel settings hanging around while you experiment.

From the mixer: Direct access to standard automation parameters.

Lastly, the input section in the mixer is all meter, the important part, unless you’re in the extended mixer then there will be a insert panel above the meter. Like Cubase insert plugs there to record the FX but the track is generally just the meters.

If tracking with the extended mixer you’re looking at some pretty big input meters by default…

That’s all folks. The general reasons why the current Cubase mixer kinda annoys me in some ways workflow wise and why I feel that there are some touches that need to be added to improve general usability. You probably could demonstrate many of the same things in Logic, Reaper or similar.

Love it. Want it.

Do you not think its all too complicated?


off-topic but i am quite impressed that the new forum is capable of displaying things like this.

+1 for the mixer flexibility though

Not in my experience, actually the opposite. Those kind of things actually make operations like mixing simpler because most everything is a right click away. It all flows rather smoothly imo but I wouldn’t dismiss the opinion of anyone who feels differently about that.

P.S. As a final “nitpick” about Group tracks and/or bus assignments in the mixer, something that annoys me with Cubase. When you delete a bus channel that has other channels directly assigned to it, those channels default back to the master bus in the host above. In Cubase they go to “none” IIRC which imo isn’t all that logical.

pretty sweet… good demonstration except next time move the mouse a little slower.

Yeah, I was trying to keep the gif file sizes down by keeping them a little shorter.

Hi I can’t find the TAB to click on to get to my extended mixer in Cubase 5.5.2. I tried ALL the drop down menus that have a mixer to select, I tried F3, ??? I had no problem finding this Tab in cubase 5.0 It was right there on the main Tool Bar. Can you help??