Feature Request: Mixer per Pad per Layer

Here is an area where I am a bit indecisive with building my own library/kit using my own samples.

The issue is, the Mixer in GA is kit-preset based, and there for GA Instruments don’t and could not recall the mixer.

Now, topology wise, GA Sample/Instruments already contain a virtual mixer in the form of the volume knob per sample, which can be set per layer in instrument by turning on Edit: Selected instead of Edit: Pad.

But I think it would be much more tangible to just have a Mixer GUI per pad/sample/instrument when you are in Layer mode. Each time you add a layer, it adds a channel to the mixer and auto-names it to the layers sample file name (could be user renamed after).

Just simple mixer, no inserts or anything fancy.


This would be separate from the sample/layers volume knob which users would continue as is to set initial static balance.

this would be sooo soo much better when dealing with multi-mic/channel instruments such as a snare with bottom and top mic, and over heads and room mics.

This way, different mixes of these mics (which could create very different sounding results - ie new Instrument saves to library) will be stored with the saved Instrument.

There’s maybe something else to consider here.

It’s sort of a downer that I can’t have multiple velocity sample assignments across multiple mic-channels.

in essence… say I have 4 mics for a snare drum, but I have 10 velocities of the snare recorded as separate samples, for a total of 40 samples.

There’s no way for me to do both ‘Layer’ type of instrument, AND have the velocites. It would be great if I could have 10 velocities, with 4 mics each feeding into the same pad-mixer channels as explained above.

yes I think each time a layer is added, then a layer channel/fader is automatically added to this new pad-layer-mixer view in the pad-editor.

In this mixer, you can also select each layer-channel which cues the respective bottom controls where you can assign the outputs, turn on the filter, etc, etc.

This would be sooooooooo good and easier to manage layers and quickly come up with new interesting layer balances without having to change the editor volume knob.