Feature Request: Mixer/Project track for Click

Even though this isn’t a huge annoyance, it’d be really nice to have a track in the Mixer and/or Project window with the ability to control the Click volume. As it stands now (unless there is a work-around or preference I am unaware of) you have to go to the Click Settings in order to adjust the click volume. If there was a single fader somewhere that controls both the Hi and Lo click levels combined, that would be a great help. Even if it was just in the Transport bar. And to make it even nicer, it’d be great if it was MIDI cc assignable to use with a MIDI controller and/or assignable to Quick Controls.

Either way, I think at least having the click volume MIDI cc assignable would really be a great asset.


Hi Bredo,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, you are right, that does help. Is there a way to assign the Click volume to a MIDI cc? It’d be handy to have it on its own fader on my MIDI controller so I can adjust the volume on the fly.

Thanks for the help!

Having the click as a track would enable just having it as a lead in, rather than all the way through.