Feature Request Mixer-Routing

It would be usefull to route all channels from a song to all manual added channels. Not only to stereo-out or groups.

Meaning is, that i can mute/unmute a channel for every song in the whole project with one click…

Example: We have different musicians in the band. Sometimes we have an saxplayer oder backvocalists etc. If the saxplayer is missing the recorded sax-track is plays his part etc.
At this time i had to mute the mentioned track in VST-Live in every single song.
Coloring the manual added tracks would be nice too.

Hi @fko56,

we can understand that problem. We would suggest to add an entry to a context-menu “Apply Control State to all Songs” when you right-click to the MUTE Control of the channel. Would that help? Do you need more controls with this feature?


Yes, it would help. Respect different notations (e.g SaxPlayer vs SXPlayer) would be nice. Or - instead - a free adjustable list of the „Mute-Group“. Like on digital mixer consoles.

Another nice feature for this function could be: A VCA-like fader for the affected tracks.

Fritz König

… we could only offer to apply the control state to channels with the same name.


… doesn’t matter. It’s any easy solvable luxury problem.

While we are looking into this…

Why not have a Group Channel for each musician that should work this way? Then you can not only mute that Group channel which would provide what you ask for, but also use it to send to in-ear, enhance all his contributions with a compressor etc.

Thats my workaround now.
But in some cases i need groups too. And then i had to send the group to a group: Mute and solo a track is then a little bit weird.
The suggestion from Michael "Apply Control State to all Songs” seems the bestest way to be.