Feature request: Modern version handling

I suppose that all the software developers on Steinberg are using some kind of version handling (GIT, Subversion etc) in their daily work. Something similar for Cubase projects would be fantastic!

As it is now, one could of course save new versions of the file and naming it “Song title - Added more compression on the drums decreased vocal levels new synth pad etc.cpr”. But it would be so much more handy if you could save/commit the file with some sort of commit message. I guess that it would also be possible to add the complete revision history (from undo/redo) since last commit into each new commit.


  • Comparing different commits/version
  • Creating new versions of the song by adding/merging/removing commits.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Comparing would be great, but how would you like to compare binary cpr files? To implement comparing, cpr project file shoud have e.g. xml structure.
And implementing tool which compares binary cpr files would be really time-consuming task.

I’m using my own git repo for versioning project files, and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

Regarding commit message, you can add it to project notepad, then save as new version.

I made a request years ago regarding having manual save of backup copies, like autosave of project do.
I had a hard time to even get through what I meant.

Instead of letting automatic timer decide when you save, you activate an option to let manuals saves also create backup copies. As it is now - turn off autosave - and you have no backups.

And since you can decide how many copies you want to keep, this pretty much do what you want.
And you can go back and open any backup copy.
And you can do extra notes in project for things you like to remember, just a log what you did that matters.

This is how Sonar works, the backup copies also works for manually saves - you decide how many.
Not only auto saves.

Sonar also has something called MixRecall which is limited in numbers as I recall, but still made for the purpose of varying things like settings for plugins or plugins themselves etc.

But least amount of work might be - just let a checkbox for backup copies make manuals saves do backups as well.

I believe that other DAWs, eg. Digital Performer have such features such as ‘Forking’? where the history can go in multiple directions as it can in GitHub. I would -kill- for such a feature. How many times have we all made a change, then gone 10 steps ahead, made another change, wanted to step back 5 steps and go off in a new direction but keep part of our work going in two separate versions. As any developer in any modern programming language can, of course.

I can dream can’t I? :smiley: