Feature Request: Modified-Click on FolderEvents selects all events within FolderEvent Range

Double clicking on a folder event currently opens up Editor in which all events that were within that folder-events range, will show up in the editors ‘Parts List’ as seen here:

Feature Request:
Modifier+Double Click Selects All Events within FolderRange (Contained in relative FolderTrack)

Which modifier is a question, currently:
-Alt for most people is cut
-Ctrl+drag is move-negate-snap
-Ctrl then Alt+drag is copy-move
-Ctrl click is select/deselect
-Shift click is select/deselect
-Shift+Drag is marquee select
-Alt+Shift is locate cursor to mouseclick

-Ctrl+Alt is currently used to slide/slip audio and MIDI events which doesn’t apply to FolderEvents (separate feature request: See edit footer )

This leaves:

I think Ctrl+Shift+DoubleClick or single click makes sense, as both modifiers on their own pertain to selection.

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