Feature Request: Modifier for playback tool frequency band mode | also, harmonics band playback

It’s a bit too cumbersome to turn the parameter on/off (at least without a key command)

being able to hold ‘alt’ and use the playback tool and have that band parameter engage, and then release to disengage would be nice workflow.

also, expanding on this band playback mode by having a harmonics mode parameter with it’s own modifier - alt+shift maybe.

Thank you very much for adding this feature, so useful. much easier than making selections and doing selection playback (as selections interrupt the undo/redo history)


side note, could also have a ‘Loop’ parameter, that loops playback from the mouse cursor position to the end of the event, so the user can move their mouse around while click-holding playback and find problems both across time and frequency while having that continuous loop playback.

Alternatively, it may be better to have this ‘Frequency Band Mode’ by an alternative playback tool, that cycles when using the hotkey like the other tool variations do.

Either way, I would appreciate being able to access this quicker on the fly without having to checkbox band mode.

An additional Playback tool would probably be too much (or as a sub-tool under the Playback tool ?) but a quick toggle for the Frequency Band is certainly doable.
FYI you can change the frequency band itself by using the Increase/Decrease Brush Size shortcuts. I think the default is [ and ].

yes, I mean a sub-tool under the playback tool. that or a press and hold modifier like ctrl+alt would be completely fine. This will allow quick A/B playback between band mode and full spectrum to really suss out problems.

think I’d actually prefer the modifier, over a sub-tool.