FEATURE REQUEST - "monitor" at 44k, 24-bit with VST Connect

I POSTED THIS IN BOTH THE CUBASE FEATURE REQUEST FORUM, AND THE VST CONNECT FORUM (not sure where it belongs). Moderators feel free to delete one of the threads if necessary.

A client and I have been using VST Connect so that I can assist him with mixing. I run the VST Connect standalone program, and “monitor” his mixes across the internet in my studio, while he mixes live at his home studio. We talk on the phone or text while we work, and I can make mix suggestions to him, etc. We can even Facetime or do video conferencing over our phones so we can see each other’s desktops while we work.

The problem, is I can only monitor “non-lossy” with VST Connect. I have no need to “record” in order to send him tracks - all I need to do is to “monitor” what he’s doing. I’d prefer to monitor a non-lossy stream. How can I do this?

As I understand it, VST connect allows non-lossy audio to be “recorded” and sent to him, but I can only monitor lossy. I’d like the option to run non-lossy audio the opposite direction across the internet for monitoring. Does VST Connect “PRO” allow for this? If so, I will buy the PRO version.


The PRO version offerst “lossless” in the upstream settings, then performer data will be sent lossless if the connection can handle it.

Ahh!!! I see the lossless option now on the comparison page (http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/vst/vst_connect/line_up.html).

Excellent! Thanks so much! - looks like I will be buying it!