Feature Request: Montage

Hi …

One annoying aspect of working in montages in WL10 is that when you click on a plugin to check something … but make no changes to the settings … the montage then displays a red corner indicating that it needs to be saved. I appreciate and think I understand why this is so, but when you are working quickly I find myself ‘second guessing’ whether something has in fact changed requiring a double check of settings or look into history etc

So the feature request is that the montage does not display a change requiring saving unless a setting is actually changed.

I know this, and this is not new to WaveLab 10. The problem is that certain plugins change their internal state without a user interaction. And WaveLab tracks this as a change. The change is probably not audio, but WaveLab can’t know that.

I will add that while it may or may not be new to WL10, it seems more frequent in WL10 and I can’t think of another DAW where this happens.

I can’t think of another DAW where this happens.

AFAIK, no other DAW is providing undo/redo of plugin states, as WaveLab does, and this is the reason why WaveLab needs to accurately track plugin state change.

Thank you PG … that was kind what I thought was the situation/why.

All good.