Feature Request: More Advanced Attenuation/Eraser Tool - - Erase Threshold Target Level

Hey, it would be great if I could use the eraser in such a way, I am only erasing certain sounds above and below a certain threshold.

ie, The eraser will only apply reduction to targeted information that is above a certain DB threshold so if I want to reduce the volume of a noise down to the noise threshold without affecting the noise threshold, with would be quick and fantastic.

It would be great if I could set this threshold by taking a “sample” or measuring the noise around the sound I am removing. this will set the threshold and thne I Start erasing.

Nice idea !

Thanks yeah,

I came to imagine this because sometimes after noise-reduction, depending on the amount and the subject material… there can be artifacts left behind, which were maybe just sounds that were originally masked by the noise but on their own, sound like chirps and sometimes swooshes… So there is sometimes chirp clean up after noise reduction, and essentially these chirps needs to get pushed back down to the new reduced noise floor.

This feature would allow doing this very quickly. And I think could also be useful in other instances.