Feature request: more beats and grid on the Project ruler

Please give us more beats and vertical grid lines visible on the Arrange page Project ruler (Bars+Beats option)

On Cubase 5.1.1 (I was happy with it, and never tried 5.5) I could see the little segments representing the beats showing on the Project ruler (Arrange page) until I zoomed out to see some 20 bars at once (4/4 signature, 17" monitor, tracks and inspector visible and at the default size). Now on Cubase 6, if I zoom out to see more than 10 bars, I can only see bars segments; beats segments disappear completely instead. Equally important: the same happens with the vertical grid lines.

On Cubase 6, clicking on the ruler to position the Project cursor at an exact beat it’s more difficult and it’s slower to me (and yes I do it a lot).

Not a workflow enhancement for sure.

Please, restore at least the Cubase 5.1.1. behaviour.



Hi Paolo

Do you have the option to ‘snap to beats’ … or has that one been taken away?

For now, I’d set up a mouse macro or easily hittable keyboard macro to toggle snap, and have it set to beat.

However, I see workarounds as ‘holding manoevers’ pending proper solution.

I take your point. I am on 5.1.1 … and cannot see myself upgrading until I know which old features have been lost. This one you mention is a sad example of choice being taken away for no good reason.

There may be, like the temporary removal of transparent events, a behind-the-scenes reason. if so, let it be declared, and let the old choice to retain beats be reinstated when possible.


For the life of me, I don’t know why the designers keep f***ing around with the grid layout. I agree, in C5 it was nice and easy to read even when zoomed out. Then in the next update, this disappeared completely. I can’t think of any sensible rationale for this. I would think that making the grid capable of being toggled on/off might be possible. But simply removing it?

Of course, you still can snap to beats. But macros are not a solution (thanks anyway): I want visible reference points!

I’d like at least to know the reason (if any) behind this new behaviour.


I agree (thanks).


BUMP: already ver6.05 and no one else care about this?