[Feature Request] More default file locations

Apologies if this has already been asked for …

Please can you consider enabling default locations to be set by users for for Page Sets, Expression Maps, Playback Templates and Scripts - and then have the contents of those locations presented prior to files being imported or run. It will be so much faster to find the files. Thanks.

If that means you are asking for what amounts to a subfolder file organization system, I’m for it too.

Do you mean when you click Run Script, Dorico should always present the Scripts folder in the file dialog? I’m with you on that.

Or do you mean that the location of the Scripts folder should be user-definable? And that there should be a user-defined folder where all Master Page Sets are saved/loaded by default?

Hi Derrek,

Not quite - but I’m all for that and asked for that as well a while back. Some of the lists - Expression Maps immediately come to mind - would benefit hugely from having subfolders. This is just about having a consistent place for the files I mentioned. Example - if I want to import a Page Set, I’m given an open window and then have to remember where I saved it last time. It would be much faster and easier to be taken to a folder I’ve set already set up so that I don’t have to remember and can just pick from a list.

Hi Ben,

It’s a combination of both. I’d like users to able to specify where they want to save things and have that folder presented to them in the file dialog. I’m not looking to change anything about Dorico-defined folders in these areas, just the folders that users save to. We’re asked to save or import those files to/from a folder. By defining that folder in preferences we don’t have to go hunting for it every time.

Your last point - we’re able to choose where to export and import User Playback Templates.

Yes, edited that last point as I was talking nonsense.

However, there might be those who want to save some of things like Ex maps, play templates and Page Sets in a folder for a particular project, or client, in which case being dragged away from that folder every time would be an equal bore.

I suppose default folders under the Dorico Projects folder wouldn’t be so objectionable, but resources spent on making them customized might be a luxury.

Don’t forget that you can search in Mac Open/Save dialogs. I can get to all my Master Page Sets by typing .doricolib (or fraction thereof), wherever they are.

I saw it as an option. If you don’t want to nominate a folder, it’ll be as it is now.

Aside: It occurs to me that if Dorico knows where users store these files, that opens up the possibility for them appearring automatically on lists without having to be imported.