Feature Request: more Key Commands for MIDI remote (switching pages...)

I was happy to see my little Korg Nanocontrol pre-defined in MIDI remote, even with multiple pages for “Mixer”, “Selected Track” and “Focus Quick Controls”, but sadly there is no way of switching between theses pages than opening the lower zone, switching to MIDI remote and clicking on the arrows. Which is a PITA when I am actually in the Mix Console.

So please: The possibility do add key commands for MIDI remote functions, especially the mapping pages. Either a way of cycling through them with one key (and a quick popup display with the name of the currently selected page), or key commands for directly selecting a page (similar to Channel visibility Configurations).

Haha, so you didn’t find the “Active Mapping Page” section in the Functions Browser of the Mapping Assistant, have a look:

No, that is not what I meant. I was talking about regular key commands. There are some for MIDI remote, but they are mostly for the scripting functions, like “open script folder” or “open readme” - but frankly, why would you think it is more useful to have “open readme” - which you’d only use when developing a script - on a key than “cycle through pages”.

It is a good option to be able to switch through the pages with the controller itself, but the Nanocontrol e.g. is a very small, limited controller with all the controls already pre defined, so I have to chose which one to sacrifice.

It would also be nice to have a key command which opens the MIDI remote window in a separate window, not the lower zone. What if I have the Mix console open but want to see which mapping page is active?

Best option would be to have a key command to cycle through the mapping pages and shows a short info popup with the name of the active page (kinda like “Enlarge Selected Track” does). Now that would be user friendly!

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Jochen didn’t answer my follow-up question yet, so maybe there is a better way, but if you can make a PLE that executes key commands, and then call that from the MR.

But, I think you want to go the other way around. use the keyboard to change the device page.

That is what I meant. I did change the marker buttons on my nanocontrol to switch between mapping pages, so I can live with that.
Problem still is that there is no feedback at all, if I don’t have the MIDI remote open all the time, I don’t know on which page I am. This is what I meant that some kind of visual feedback would be really useful, e.g. some kind of short notification with the mapping page name that pops up when “next/previous mapping page” is triggered.