Feature Request - More lanes

Hi. Do alot of production music mastering work here at the moment, and I master stems regularly.

Can I request a feature of more lanes in tracks. 8 feels too limited. I regularly receive anything up to 16 stems at a time.

Is there a way to expand wave lab for more lanes in a track currently in Wavelab?


Currently, this is not possible. Technically, this is not difficult to increase. But I am curious, why not use Tracks (no limit) rather than lanes?

Hi. thanks for this. I have used track groups as my work around.

I find lanes in tracks a much cleaner solution overall. Would be great if an increase in lanes could be implemented in an updated at some point. :person_shrugging:t4:



Ok, I note this. You’re not the first one to ask, actually. But this will need to wait for a big update.

Thank you so much. Look forward to the update