Feature request: more markertracks that move with folder

Is it possible to link markers to events?

Now everytime I move audio the corresponding markers don’t move with it, even when I put the marker-track in the same folder??? And why is there only one markertrack???

What is a smart way to administrate when you are moving a lot of audio around? (experimenting in the song-structure of audio not record to a click). Now I find myself making lists of edits on paper and saving every edit to have some kind of undo, adding and extracting timecode, and colouring events to find where I was before. But everytime I make a drastic change in my song structure, I have to re-edit all my markers that are after the moved events.

Selecting the markers before dragging is no solution, then you would have to zoom in and out all the time when moving audio to check if they are still selected…If you split a folder, put a markertrack in it and move the (example) right part, the markers in the right folder-part should move with the parts moved imo.