Feature Request: More pre-set multis/combis/performances

Let me state from the very beginning that I am a very satisfied user of Halion/Halion Sonic. At the same time, a small additional effort from Steinberg (or maybe somebody else) could add tremendous value to Halion/Halion Sonic from the point of view of songwriters/composers and, especially, the newbies (another vast market segment).

Would it be possible to create at least 64 to 128 multis/combis/performances with instrument sets for different styles of music? I mean selecting 16 instruments that work together well, setting the appropriate effects for the style, and making the EQ settings, so that the instruments blend/mix well right out of the box.

For example, I still use Roland JV 1010, which has 64 preset and 32 user performances. Although the original sounds are modest by today’s standards, the effects and the right combinations of patches make tremendous difference (even despite the limited number of effects and options). The pre-set combinations of instruments are real time savers and great tools for learning about different styles of music.

With the sample/patch base of Halion/Halion Sonic and the unlimited options for effects there is a huge potential. I believe that such pre-set performances would also help to showcase the capabilities of the instrument to new prospective buyers. Otherwise people might not even suspect that Halion/Halion Sonic has some of the best sounding acoustic and electric guitars, plenty of useful piano/keyboard patches, fantastic clarinet, accordion, harmonica sounds etc. Likewise the synth engine is capable to deliver a wide sound palette – from early analogue synth music to sophisticated modern soundscapes.