Feature Request: More Quick Controls

I have a problem using Vienna Ensemble Pro (Multi-timbral Instrument) in that I can’t control the volume of VEPs output channels directly from the MIDI channel. You can use the MIDI CC7 or quick controls to automate other parameters related to volume, but none that correspond directly to the VEP channel(s) coming into cubase. To clarify Im talking about these channels that appear in Cubase as “Outputs” coming from VEP.

An easy way to implement this would allow the user to set a quick control to control the level of any channel in the DAW from any channel that has Quick controls. I mean, in theory wouldn’t it be possible to automate almost everything in the DAW from a quick control?

An alternative, more complicated solution would allow the user to convert the input audio channels coming from VEP into MIDI channels, so they are hybrid (AKA cubase instrument channels). This would also solve the annoying switching back and forth between MIDI and audio channels.

Another related thing. I can’t hit record on these output channels coming from VEP. It would be convenient if they were actually functional as audio tracks. Currently you have to create a bus and route it to an audio channel to record anything manually.


Ur giving me a link to the music lounge?