Feature Request: more rehearsal mark features

Hello all,

I’m requesting the following new features for Rehearsal Marks:

  • Quick navigation to rehearsal marks in the transport toolbar and transport window (for example the Rewind button if kept depressed could show a popup menu with Flows → Rehearsal Marks).
  • In Play mode a new track (maybe before Time and Chords, or the already available Markers one) should display the Rehearsal Marks.
  • Key commands should be available to quickly jump to the previous/next rehearsal mark.
  • The Go To Bar dialog should also allow selecting a Rehearsal Mark.

Thank you,


Thanks for your requests, Claudio.

“The Go-To Bar dialog should also allow selecting a Rehearsal Mark.” GREAT REQUEST, I need it now. Thanks

Dear TrackOne,
What you can do now (and was impossible before 3.0.10) is select a Rehearsal mark and navigate through the rehearsal marks with the left and right arrows. Great navigating tip.

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Thanks, Marc, I’d missed that really handy feature. I’ve notated quite a few longer works and even though sometimes measure numbers suffice and I don’t need rehearsal marks, I’d be wise to put them in anyway just to be able to navigate easily to important spots. I can always filter for them and delete them all in one go if I don’t need them.

Thanks Mark for the navigating feature re rehearsal marks. But it is of limited use as it doesn’t bring that section into focus, nor even have the rehearsal mark obviously visible. It’s rather random as to where the newly highlighted rehearsal mark appears on the screen. Better than nothing but not a great workaround!

EDIT - just checked in Galley view and it’s even less useful, most of the marks do not appear on screen when arrowed to…

Markers, please!

A quick way to put it in focus is to press “p” and spacebar right after. Then the playhead will move you to the current selected rehearsal mark. I know is not optimal, but it’s better than nothing.

You can move the playhead to the position of the selection by typing Alt+P (though not on Windows because Alt+P will open the Play menu; however, you can assign your own shortcut on the Key Commands page of Preferences).

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much needed.

Any update on the GoTo rehearsal mark request? I get that you can use the arrow keys to navigate back and forth from rehearsal mark to rehearsal mark, but it would be really nice to go directly to one, say if you are on ‘A’ for instance and wanted to jump to ‘K’… which would be a lot of right arrows…

Not yet. It was not in Dorico 3.5.12, and there have been no other recent releases.

I put in a request for this a while back as well. I think it’s one of the most useful navigation aids still missing.

One I’d like is a “skip” list. Many house styles will skip I or J (or even both)

Interesting. I never knew this. Seems like it would only be necessary with a poor font choice, however. (I suppose I could understand I more than J, as it could be taken for a Roman numeral. But the only reason to skip J is if the font renders it poorly and it looks too much like an i.)

J actually has a rather complex history.

It exists in Latin, but not in Italian, outside of names and words borrowed from Latin, and we know how influential the Italians are in engraving.

Even more interesting! I had no idea j wasn’t used in Italian. No doubt some Latin purists would also object to J’s on more practical grounds: they don’t technically exist in Latin either, as I understand it.

In German-speaking lands, in days when it was not uncommon to play from manuscript parts, I and J looked very similar, and so either I or J was omitted (usually J). This practice was continued in printed scores: see Bruckner symphonies, and 19/20 century Breitkopf editions of Beethoven and Brahms.


I would like to add to this request.
If possible I would like a Rehearsal Mark in the form of an empty text box, where it would be possible to write your own text. For example “Verse”, “Chorus”, “Intro” and so on.

In the meantime, you can use system text (Shift-Alt/Opt-X) and perhaps create a paragraph style specifically for these section headings, and set that paragraph style to appear with a border by default.

I will try that. :slight_smile: