feature request - morning humor

Last night at rehearsal I mentioned that I would be up late revising the scores. One of the musicians said “I thought you had an app that would write scores for you. You know, push a button? They have those don’t they?”

Well, there you have it. Can the dev team implement this feature? Push a button and… voila! Complete score at hand.

It’s easy, just 3 lines of code, but man, no one would want to listen to that music… :wink:

To be honest, I was frankly disappointed this didn’t make it into Dorico 1.0 from the very beginning.

Thank you, you made me laugh :slight_smile:

While we’re doing humor… I imagine that Dorico 2.0 will include a handwritten Jazz style font. So, how about a script that automatically converts eighth notes to swing eights when the jazz font is used?

Dorico can read OpenType features. Why don’t we ask Adobe to include a new feature called swng in the OpenType specification. Dorico would play swinging eights when that feature is present. In normal text fonts the feature could make the letters dance all over the place.