Feature Request: Mouse Zoom without placing playback position

Can be optional if someone really likes that the playback always jumps to the position where the mouse + left click can be used to easly zoom in or out with moving up or down.
Cubase places playback cursor on left click on timeline, I understand, but for my workflow it would be more handy to just zoom in and out with the mouse without placing the playback (doubleclick for instance could set the playback position instead). Checking in Studio One 5.1 it works like a charm, I’m afraid to say. It is a quite handy method of quickly look into parts while playing back. Hope one day it could be implemented

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This is available now, hold shift-alt to zoom from the timeline without moving the cursor.

Control + Scrollwheel ?

Understood, but that’s another hand at the keyboard required. Having a wirelss mouse and being a bit from the desk I still could zoom in out while playing back the song. This works in Studio One for instance and hence I see that this is a great thing to have. Better + extra key if someone needs the playback to jump when you do the zoom with the mouse. I wouldn’t mind…