Feature Request: Move to... instrument

Hello — I’m not sure if many others would find this useful, but I would :slight_smile:
A “move to” feature in write mode that offers a drop down instrument list or jump-bar-style search, to move a selected passage to any other instrument in the score. i.e. exactly the same as “move to staff above” or “copy to staff above”, but for any instrument. This would save so much time when orchestrating e.g. from a piano score to a large orchestra in Galley view, where so much time is spent copying, scrolling to find the position in the new stave, pasting, scrolling to find your place back in the piano reduction stave to continue…


Not exactly what you ask, but did you try using Swap?, select the source and with command(control) click, the rest on the other staff where the music should go, then right click, Paste Special/Swap (all with key commands programmable).

A couple of suggestions to improve the speed:
-Use the Instruments filter in Galley view
-Set shortcuts for Move view, to navigate very fast in the score, in all directions, without scrolling

@Schweinhorn [added picture]: I use left, up, down , right

Thanks for the tips. I use swap a lot, but that’s no quicker than copy and paste for this — it wouldn’t shorten the workflow in the way that i need.

I use filter too — but if doing rough orchestration, this doesn’t help — and in any case for this large score, Dorico takes 5-10 secs to change filter view, so that doesn’t help, and I avoid doing it often.

I’ll check out the move view – could be handy — that’s not the same as just using page up and down, start and end keys?

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You might try Window…Horizontal Split. This may be a decent workflow. You could keep the piano score in one window and the destination staves in the other. Both windows in Gallery View, both in same zoom level.

Other tips: Dorico Preferences…Play…Show Playhead when stopped.

Then for the section you are working on - Select note in the source, then type alt (or option)P. This will will handily show the green playhead position in both windows, helping you get oriented. (You may need to scroll the destination window to the green playhead). Copy the source music, then paste at the same position in the other window. You can filter the 2nd window for different instruments, or simply select a different instrument each time you want to do the paste.

Other idea - use Dorico’s Marker feature to set a marker at the position you are working on to quickly get to the required place in the destination staff (no scrolling needed)!

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oh great tips, thanks. I hadn’t thought of using the markers…

i did try having two windows of the same score open (I have two monitors) but it seemed to slow down dorico quite a bit… but i didn’t actually try the window split feature – that’s probably better…