Feature Request: Moveable Frozen VSTi Parts

Had to get this documented in an official post in the new forum! :smiley:


Actually, with over a year with my new computer I don’t seem to have for the freeze function anymore.
Running out of CPU and memory seems almost impossible with pure 64bit on an Intel i7. :slight_smile:

Although I agree you should be able to move frozen parts around.

+1 to moving frozen parts. Even with a powerful cpu and lots of ram freeze is still necessary if you use big plugs.

My computer is definitely powerful enough for the simutaneous plug-ins and VSTi’s that I want to run. The issue is having enough RAM. Even though I run Vista 64 bit and have 8 GB of RAM installed, I’m using Cubase 32bit because there are still many 32 bit plug-ins that don’t run on Cubase 64 bit even with the bridge, so I often have to freeze because of the RAM limitations of 32 bit. Plus, I still sometimes re-mix older projects done in Cubase 32 bit.

Someday I hope to go totally 64 bit and the need for freeze will be greatly reduced, but that time is still a few years away.

Hey Tony, man I got to hand it to you…you ever consider changing your nic to TT2…ie ‘Tenanious Tones 2’? :mrgreen:

I’ve been at this one particular request for 5+ years. :smiling_imp: I’m NEVER giving up! :smiley:

yep +1

Can’t blame a man for trying :smiley:

Yeah, me as well. For the most part, I don’t really have to freeze anything except the strum electric VSTi. As I start adding on layers I begin to get a latency lag. On rare occasions I’ll also freeze Goliath (the EastWest play engine). I’m old school though, and right before mastering, I’ll (for the most part) render everything except BFD2 to audio tracks even though I don’t really need to.

I’m hoping to go all 64Bit one day as well. I’m strictly 64Bit for my DAW and Windows 7 now, because JBridge works so well and is very efficient.

If you use 32bit plug-ins with jbridge, are you limited to 32bit address space for EACH plug-in, for ALL the 32bit plug-in combined, or do you get full 65 bit RAM addressing?


From what I understand, you get 32bit address space for EACH plugin. So as long as each plug doesn’t use the full compliment of RAM on your computer, each plugin can use as much RAM as 32bit allows (like 3.3x gigs? or something like that). If you bridge 64bit plugins from a 32bit host, then you get full usage of 64bit RAM addressing as well.

João rules!

I might give this another try.

What happens with existing 32 bit projects that already are using 32 bit plugs? Can these projects be converted easily to 64 bit projects and preserve the plug-in structure using a bridge?


Yes - you can open in either 32-bit or 64-bit. The plug could be jbridged in the 64-bit version and native in the 32-bit version, and the project will open in either.

You can also jbridge a 64-bit plug to 32-bit cubase if you want to go that route. Or if you want to stick with 32-bit cubase you can jbridge your memory hungry 32-bit plugs so they launch in their own address space.



Yes - you can open in either 32-bit or 64-bit. The plug could be jbridged in the 64-bit version and native in the 32-bit version, and the project will open in either.

This does not work properly with Waves V7. V7 follows the VST3 specification, but jbridge is VST2.4. If you open a 32bit project created with Cubase 32bit (and having 32bit native V7 plugins) in Cubase 64bit (assuming you have jbridged your Waves V7 plugins), the plugins will still be there in their jbridged version, but all your settings will be lost, i.e. the plugins load with completely flat settings. Sidechaining won’t be available either since it does not exist in VST2.4.

Luckily, I never upgraded to Waves v7. :slight_smile:

Well, that´s an interesting approach :open_mouth:

Perhaps I should downgrade back to Cubase SX then, no need for bridging plugins there…

Well, I don’t want to pay an exceedingly and unreasonably expensive annual maintenance fees for the handful of Waves plug-ins I have that work perfectly fine under v5 without really any enhanced functionality in v7.


I see your point. But sooner or later they´ll issue a true 64bit version and I´m really looking forward to have that one cause then I can go the whole way 64bit without bridging anything.

A big YES to moveable frozen vsti parts.
Although i am not sure we 'll ever see it coming .

Like to add a request to the original subject. I think it would be nice if you had the option to change levels and mute with frozen VSTi’s as well. I freeze mainly to create audio tracks from my VSTi’s. I’ll freeze them, then import the audio tracks from the freeze folder. When I go back to test the result, the original frozen VSTi is still playing, which means I have to unfreeze it, mute it, and then test the audio tracks. It would be nice to have basic fader functionality as an option with frozen VSTi’s.