Feature request - MS editing

I just thought of a feature request for Wavelab that I think would be AWESOME.

You know in the WAV edit window we have the “Waveform”, “Spectrum”, and “Loudness” tabs? Imagine if each of these also had a MS (mid side) button you could engage that would allow us to view and edit either

  1. Waveform
    1a) Waveform in MS
  2. Spectrum
    2a) Spectrum in MS
  3. Loudness
    3a) Loudness in MS

This way, the top lane could be the “M” component, and the bottom lane could be the “S” component.


That’s a great concept. It would represent a very powerful … and as far as I know unique … editing function.

Nice indeed. And slightly similar to this topic about mono/stereo visualization.

For the View, ok.
But what kind of editing would you expect, for instance?

Well … speaking for myself … I would like to be able to do manual edits of sibilance issues in spectrum editor … but for example in sides only.

Result would be even more natural sounding edits.

I would like all normal edit functions to be available in this view.

Basically, to be able to just engage the ms button, and edit exactly like we do now with all features, except the top lane would be the “m” component and the bottom lane the “s” component. Disengage the button, and it goes right back to left/right instead of M/S…

I would prefer a separate tab view, not a modifier button. And indeed for all sorts of edits.

I like the idea, but I don’t see the interest for the Loudness view, because the loudness analysis is a “mono” display that takes the Left/Right channels into consideration.
Else that would mean another kind of loudness display (“stereo view” independant for the left/right channels). Why not, but more work.

That is true. The loudness display would only be useful if there was one display for “M” and another for “S”. It might not be as important as the other views. As far as tabs or buttons, tabs would work just as well… Just two new tabs (so 5 total)?

  1. Waveform
  2. Waveform in MS
  3. Spectrum
  4. Spectrum in MS
  5. Loudness

Thanks so much for considering this idea PG! :slight_smile:

I really appreciate and respect that this would represent ‘more work’. However, it really would take this wonderful mastering DAW to another level.

For me, loudness not really an issue in MS mode.

Thank you for considering the request.