Feature request: multi CPU / host support

Owning a cutting edge dual CPU Xeon system does not give you any advantage over a single consumer i7 CPU computer in real time performance. Currently the only viable option to greater amounts of plugins / effects is to to use a third party software (Vienna VSTi host) via slave computers. So it is the end of the road if one wants to stick with Cubase-only setup.

I wish there would be a way to harness the power of multiple CPUs (at least with larger buffers) or slave computers natively within Cubase without compromizing workflow.

I could just install Cubase slave software / appliance to the slave PC and it would be added as a startup program for easy access without monitors or keyboards. From then on all that would be needed is to power up slaves, fire up Cubase from my main PC which would access slaves via ethernet and I would be free to get on with my composing.