Feature request: multi-rest autowidth

If I could make a feature request: it would be really nice to have a (default) property that multi-rests automatically stretch to accommodate any objects (in particular tempo markings). I feel I’m spending far too much time resolving collisions in parts between tempo markings that are many bars apart, often aggravated by further collisions with rehearsal marks. Ideally, this would then be a property (of the tempo marking) you can switch off, though even that without it would be an improvement (you can always overrule the horizontal spacing).

A somewhat related secondary request would be to have an engraving option that the width of multirests is treated the same, regardless of the number of bars multi-rested. At the moment, the behaviour is for long multi-rests to get more space than short multi-rests, a behaviour that I personally don’t find aesthetically pleasing nor convenient.



You can prevent multi-bar rests of different durations from having different widths by setting Width for a single bar multi-rest and Maximum width for a long multi-bar rest to the same value in Engraving Options.

In general you should find that Dorico does try to make a multi-bar rest wide enough to accommodate a tempo at the start of the multi-bar rest. If you can provide an example where that’s not happening, it would be helpful.

Thanks Daniel,

I will play around with those Engraving options. I was trying to look for them but must not have looked properly. Of course, I’m a bit worried they’ll make the other problem worse if I set a maximum width, but I’ll find out.

Here are some examples of what I mean, taken from my current project:

A) Collision between tempo markings and rehearsal markings
Screenshot 2021-01-27 093034

B) Tempo markings running off the page, requiring placing of a system break or stretching the multi-rest
Screenshot 2021-01-27 093112

C) Collision between tempo marking and Rehearsal mark for a normal rest (just to illustrate it’s not just a multi-rest problem)
Screenshot 2021-01-27 093329



While I’m looking at these, I’m thinking an alternative feature could be to have tempo text auto-wrap in such cases.

We do intend to add the capability to have tempo items wrap at word breaks in part layouts in due course.

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Thanks. That should work reasonably well in combination with a maximum multi-rest width. At the moment - as I feared - a maximum multi-rest width just makes (these) things worse.

It would also be really nice to be able to wrap metronome marks to a new line underneath the tempo words — occasionally in parts that would make things nicer. (Tempo text wrapping alone would be fantastic, but I would ask for some control over that too!) I’d also really really love to be able to selectively hide metronome markings, for these sorts of situations.