Feature request: multimeasure play

The extract you linked to stops just shy of the bars you’re talking about. However, I found the 2nd part that does include those bars.

You absolutely can show the different time signatures currently in Dorico by inputting them as local (using Alt/Opt-Return to close the popover, rather than Return) and then re-aligning the barlines at the next barline. Although that does essentially “reset” all staves to follow one of the two time signatures rather than both concurrently, the visual result is still as desired and would be read as such, I would guess. The reason this works as it does is because a crotchet/quarter note beat is the same value across all staves - so longer bars are wider. If you didn’t want or need the barlines of independent time signatures to align, what Dorico does by default with independent time signatures is pretty amazing!

Daniel has given you a response in regards to sharing plans ahead of time - I would not expect his answer to change.