Feature request: Multiple accidentals per note, or accidental folders

Hi Daniel,

I know the Dorico team works very hard and can’t accommodate every request. This would be very important to me, and likely to some other people as well, so I hope you don’t mind me asking anyway.

It would be extremely useful to have the option of adding multiple accidentals per note. I use extended just intonation, and I am extremely grateful for Dorico’s ability to handle and play back all the accidentals I create. However, I have to create a ridiculous amount of accidentals, which makes it take forever for me to engrave my music. Instead of having to create (individually) dozens of accidentals such as 7 7↑b+, it would be wonderful if there were a way to simply add 7’s, ↑’s, #'s or b’s, and +'s or -'s (for example).

If this isn’t possible, it would still be a great help to be able to organize accidentals, perhaps to be able to create folders. That way I could put all the 11th-partial-related accidentals in one place, so that I don’t have to deal with them when they aren’t relevant to the particular passage I’m engraving.

Do either of these seem possible?


Welcome to the forum, @johnnysmac, and thanks for your feedback.

You’re not the first person using extended tonality systems to ask for the ability to add multiple accidentals to a note. It would be quite a big change, but I certainly understand how important this is for you and for others working with these kinds of systems.

We definitely do want to make it easier to create accidentals in extended tonality systems rather than relying on adding them from the panel, and I hope we’ll be able to implement something in this department sooner rather than later.

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