Feature Request: Multiple Folders Per Plug-In

WaveLab’s Plug-in manager (Preferences > Plug-ins > Organize) forces users to specify one - and only one - folder for each plugin. This is limiting and unusual for a DAW. Typically, users organize plug-ins by function and/or application so that de-essers, for example, are found in a Dynamics folder and perhaps a Vocals folder. Likewise, a vocal harmonizer or doubler would not be out of place in a Vocals folder, a Pitch Shift folder, and even a Modulation folder. Regardless of your own preference, the point is this: There is often no one best category for a particular plug-in and the easiest solution is to put the plug-in in multiple folders, so they’re always easy to find.

And if you frequently jump between DAWs, it’s jarring to find a plug-in missing from a folder you’re used to finding it in. “Oh, cripes, where do I keep the bit-crushing, filter-modulated, pitch-shifters, again?”
Even Steinberg’s own Cubase allows this, so why not WaveLab?

Thank you, Steinberg, for your consideration.


I love how much WL 9 has “grown up” visually, while retaining it’s existing coolness and unique features. The plug-in management is powerful, but a bit arcane generally. With this tweak, it would work more like many users expect. A lot of plugs don’t easily fit a single category, as David notes, and that’s getting more and more common. Think about:
Izotope Neutron, Elysia nvelope, PA Dynamic Spectrum Mapper, as well as the obvious ones like de-essers… one might reasonably expect to see them in more than one place. :wink:

Great product, solid launch and steady progress on updates, PG and Steinberg!