Feature request: Multiple selection in setlist editor

Hi there
I would like to be able to select multiple song titles in the setlist editor, and then perform the same action for the selected titles - e.g. remove/add the selected titles.

Use case 1)
I want to remove several songs from a set / the song pool.

Use case 2)
I want to add (possible all) songs from song pool to a set.
(say, you have 100 or more songs - this would take a considerable amount of time - I wouldn’t even be sure I got them all)

Regards, Michael


I would like to join that request.

And additionally :
As we learned from another topic its helpful to have a “A-Z” setlist including all songs for completely archiving the project.

So it would be useful to
a) filter the pool to songs to display one the ones, that are not yet in the current setlist (in order to select them all and move to there)
b) sort the setlist by song name alphabetically

At the moment that has to be done manually which is nerve racking …


Coming next version. The “From All” setlist is sorted alphabetically.



:thinking: maybe an idea to be able to filter out songs already played in the current session?