Feature request - Multiview / Splitscreen


it would be great to get the possibility, to view a few video-tracks on one multiview splitscreen.

Using for example four video-tracks there should be the opportunity to send the signals out to four different video outs or to watch them via multiview splitscreen on one chosen video out.

To keep the priorized video proportion (16:9 without black lines) I believe 4x and 9x multiviews would be appreciated.

Do you understand what I’m looking for and do you believe this function could ever be implemented in VST Live?

Regards P.

That is possible. Each video track has its own output setting in the track inspector.

In fact, we have a Video Director with an arbitrary number of tracks where one can select a view (mouse, number key) to be output to a target screen for quite some time. However it takes time to stabelize it, and that time we don’t have yet unfortunately. So the answer is yes, it is on our list and half-way working already.


That sounds awesome, I’m more than excited. I’ll happily wait for the implementation of such a great feature. :slight_smile: