Feature Request - Mute button for controller lane CC's in Key Editor

Sometimes a user has written in a controller lane (say expression) some nice curves, but then wants to audition the piece without a specific CC. This is not possible at present. The only way I have found is to delete the controller lane CC and then replace it.
If the CC lanes had a mute button for the specific CC this would improve Cubase.

Cubase 12 rocks!


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Ratherhave the mute button Phil - hence the request

You could make yourself a little transformer preset and put it in midi inserts:

You can go to the MIDI inserts of your track, and activate the Transformer. Add the two rules in the screenshot, set the filter condition to “Delete” at the bottom and save it to your user preset folder. You can change the CC number at any time, it filters all data that’s coming in on that controller. Or deactivate it on the left side in the inspector.

A mute button would still come in handy, that’s just my workaround (I sometimes too find it more convenient not to create an extra midi track for that).

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Oh and for convenience: When you activate the transformer, the controller will be stuck at the value it was at the time.
Put a MIDI control after the transformer like this:
You can now set a value manually by selecting the CC on the right side and dragging the left column (where it says “Off”) to the value you want it to be (most of the time just up a bit and down again, so it’s back at zero).