Feature request - naming scheme to include auto variables of sample/bit rate from destination file


File naming schemes when rendering or batch exporting.

When using the auto variables “Sample Rate” and Bit Depth" (under audio), it would seem this info is taken from the source file. If I’m performing a sample rate or bit rate conversion then this info will be incorrect. Is it possible to detect the destination format and use this info for auto variables?


That would make sense. I note this.

Great thanks!

Not sure if this is the same “problem/feature” but when doing batch conversion or rendering to multiple file types (wav, m4a, etc) sample rate isn’t specified except in the master section. So if I’m converting a 24/96 wav file to 16/44.1 wav and 24/96 flac there’s no way to do this using batch conversion or rendering.
Am I missing something?

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