Feature request - navigate to the loudest part of the song

Hello PG !
A question and proposal related to audio analysis

It would be very helpful to be an option to navigate to the loudest part of the song, something like the Hotspots option in Wavelab 12, but being able to listen the loudest part of all the song, or is it possible ?

Thanks !

Not sure what you mean because we have this dedicated button:


  • Open Global Analysis (ANALYZE tab)
  • Click Analyze button
  • In Loudness tab > EBU R-128 tab, select Short-Term Loudness: Maximum
  • Click Focus button
  • Make sure you have Pre-Roll, Post-Roll and Loop activated
  • Click Play from Anchor in Transport Bar (select different roll lengths with right-click)

Result: The loudest part is played in cycle :slightly_smiling_face:

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