[Feature Request] Nested divisi groups

Hi all,

I’ve poked around the boards and haven’t seen this requested yet: I would like to have an arbitrary number of nested divisi groups. I’m working on an orchestral piece right now that splits the violas into 4 stands, each of which is divided into two staves. My best solution at present is to put in a text object for the outermost group.

To go along with this feature, an arbitrary number of sub-sub-brackets would be necessary.

To complete the bracketing feature set, a nested group label and bracket feature for large ensembles would be greatly appreciated. This would be useful for not just “Orchestra A/Orchestra B” situations, but for bracketing like instrument groups (percussion especially).

I’d welcome your thoughts –


Why not 8 Vla. soli instead? Of course there are relations between the way you’re setting up the heterophony, the resonance, and their rank, but the musicians do know how to divisi themselves — this precision seems somewhat superfluous.

In this instance, just because that’s what the composer asked for. I suspect that the point is to be flexible for variable-size string sections.

I think the larger point still stands, though. It’s a low-percentage set of use cases, but they happen often enough to be frustrating.

You could always include the desk names in the label, including the instrument, and add a temporary bracket to make it more clear and defined. Not what you asked, but certainly a reasonable option.