Feature Request: New Midi Remote Mapping Assistant Knob Dial Jumps % for Each Rotation Step

I’d love for the ability for each rotation step of the knob dial to skip through available options of an assigned control. For instance EQ Type.

Currently the knob rotation will take a lot of rotating to step through if only a few options. When Assigning the knob we could add a %, for instance Low Cut Type would be 20% as 5 options, EQ Band 1 or 4 would be 12.5% as 8 options, or simply putting in how many options there is.

I have another request, related to the button press stepping through with each press.


Remote API can do this via scripting.

Your request is to be able to do so in the Mapping Assistant, right?

Yes Mapping Assistant. I refer to this as "New " Midi Remote as apposed to the old Generic Remote. I’ll refer to it as New Midi Mapping Assistant from now on.

Thank you

As I mentioned here