Feature Request: New Mixer Panel

This has been discussed in the old forum quite a few times but I’d thought I’d bring up again. I really like the looks of Cubase 6 but I do wish I could view both the inserts and the sends at the same time. Adding a new mixer panel with this configuration would, I suspect, please quite a few users.

I’m forever switching back and forth between sends and inserts while mixing and it’s just a pain.


I can’t think of a single cubase/nuendo user who wouldn’t want this :smiley:


You can view inserts and sends together in ‘Edit Channel Settings’. Assign a key command to it. Couldn’t be simpler. Or am I missing something here?

You are missing the ease of seeing and adjusting in a global overview. The edit channel is local to the track you are using it to inspect.

So you don’t mean, where I see them all, in the expanded mixer section?

You can’t see both Inserts and Sends at the same time in the expanded Mixer either. That is what the OP is talking about.

Hi Marcus. Yeah, most users I know would like this additional option (along with a track list) as well. I can’t recall SB ever commenting on this though. Maybe in C7?
Btw- just bought The Mirror by Lucinda Drayton. You did a fantastic job on that album.


Hi Rich,

We got this on our feature request list on the “most wanted” section. :wink:

Great to hear Carlos - thanks for posting; and no, thought about following up with further points/comment/question/when/how/why is it taking so long, etc, etc… but, there’s no point. I’ll just be patient that you’re ‘getting on with it’ - like, right now… :wink:

Thanks Rich, that’s nice to hear from a fellow cubaser :smiley:

Good to hear it’s on the road map Carlos.


Yay! Thank you so much for letting us know :slight_smile:

Cheers for that. :blush: Mixer’s been there since the year dot, probably does need redesigning.

Edit: Big on the real estate but you can see both with two mixers open. You can see them but working with details is another matter. Could be cumbersome.