Feature Request; new thoughts on WaveLab

I resist submitting ideas. Here are two that have come up from many hours and years of using WaveLab.

  1. It would be a nice possibility to have a loudness view, the one with the black background and four neon colored lines (i.e. lufs view), inside something like the Envelope feature. To have access to the three main views of a waveform including spectrum and loudness view inside the Envelope Edit to construct an envelope to better enact based on the loudness output instead of the basic wave shape. Maybe a new envelope plugin or maybe an enhanced version of the one already there.

I thought this one was a good idea that no one had come up with yet. You be the judge.

  1. Enhancing the Brickwall limiter feature to allow + (positive range). When I maximize my audio waveform manually using the Process > Gain, the waveform continues to peak beyond the range of the Brickwall limiter. I may not want to necessarily cut off all of that range using a brickwall edit but I don’t always know how much limit I want to express until I’ve added the extra gain to the audio waveform. It’s a hassle to add gain make the measurement undo the gain to limit then add gain again. See what I mean. The little things, small differences could make a big differences.

I think there are aspects of Wavelab that could be enhanced in small ways. Instead of always thinking of the big picture and how to change or make something new it’s sometimes harder to see what’s already there and how to make it better or different.

Thanks for your time to whoever reads this. :bulb:

  1. Maybe you should try the Loudness Normalizer, where you have gain + limiter.